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What to Be Thankful for at BC

As we find ourselves constantly stressed out about exams, papers, and projects, we often forget how lucky we are at Boston College.  Before we complain about the lackluster Mac coffee, the spotty WiFi, and the endless number of stairs, we should take the time to think about how fortunate we truly are.  Even though there are countless things to be thankful for at BC, here are 10 to get you thinking about some of the amazing things to appreciate at BC:  

1. The Comm Ave Bus:

Nothing brightens your night quite as much as seeing the Comm Ave bus approach a stop at the exact second you do.  Bonus points if it’s Comm Ave All Stops and it’s raining.

2. Finals That Aren’t Cumulative

Honestly, this probably saves me about thirty hours of studying per class, so God BLESS the professors who are kind enough to save me from having to memorize every minute of every lecture given this semester.

3. Coffee

Whether it’s at Hillside or the Chocolate Bar, good coffee is always something to be thankful for.

4. Mac-and-cheese at the Rat

… it just never gets old! 

5. 3-hour naps after classes on Fridays

Group naps with roommates are definitely a thing that I look forward to all week.

6. The Plex at 8 am on a Saturday

Sounds awful, but it turns out great. Since there is absolutely no one there at 8 am, it’s not 184,594,338 degrees in there. SCORE.

7. Eagles Nest at 12:37, 1:26…

(Or any other odd time that is not directly after classes get out)

8. Warmth

Sometimes I forget that there is an incredibly large number of people in Boston who go to bed freezing every night on the streets. Try to remind yourself of that as you slip into your chunky knit blanket and turn off your twinkle lights.  You are incredibly fortunate.

9. The maintenance crew

All of the employees that work at Boston College are always so warm and friendly.  These are the people who shovel snow at two in the morning so you are able to have a more comfortable walk to class, the people who clean your bathroom so you don’t have to worry about it, and the people dedicated to making your Eagle’s bowl just how you like it.

10. Gasson

Do I really need to explain this one?

Spend some time this Thanksgiving thinking of some of the things you are thankful for at BC, at home, and in your life in general. Happy Thanksgiving, BC!









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