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Welcome to My Crib: Quad Edition

Hey, HCBC, welcome to my crib. Come on in and see what it’s like to live in a Walsh quad!

So here we are on the 5th floor of Walsh: the best floor in this hovel we call a home with the best RA of course (shoutout to Miriam). The fifth floor definitely has the best lounge, which is right across the way actually. It’s air conditioned, it has some super comfy couches for when you are feeling a little homesick, and the view of El Pelón comes in clutch when you are wondering whether the line is out the door or not.

Then across the hall we have our beloved quad. If you are thinking, “Wait aren’t you the girl that wrote the hilarious 8-man Monday article with Michael Scott gifs?” Well if you are, then you are correct, that was me, but this isn’t about me, or the fame that article has brought me.

Our quad entryway is furnished with what used to be a white shag rug (but has now turned a dark ivory), two trampoline chairs, a fridge covered in stickers, a trusty microwave that cooks easy-macs to perfection, a poster with a scene from “Animal House,” and of course, an American flag.

Then we have the bathroom to the right, nothing special, but oh wait, what’s that? Yes, that is a bath rug that says “GET NAKED.” As you can see we take a lot of pride in our decorations.

Then the moment you all have been waiting for, my actual bedroom. Don’t get too excited though, if you lived in a double freshman year then you know exactly what it feels like. Literally nothing is different apart from the closet. The closet is actually worse from freshman year because you no longer have a deep cave to store things in, instead it’s just a clothes rack and a shelf.

And just on the other side of our scarily thin wall (heads up: it bends if you lean against it) are our other two roommates’ room.  

There you have it HCBC, the life of a quad. Thanks for coming, now get out of here, I have MSL due at 8 am tomorrow.

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