Weird Things My Dad Has Sent Me

Hey, everyone! 

My dad, Michael Montgomery, is a pretty adorable dude. At the age of 81, the man has aged like some fine wine. I get something in the mail from him every week. While the articles he sends are fascinating, his gifts are the real show-stoppers.



That’s a photo for your reference. Now, onto the gifts:


Context: I complained to my dad about missing my dog… so he sent me a toy one. It barks.


Context: I was headed to Europe for spring break and he thought this would be nice to house the bar of soap that I don’t own.

Context: Not really sure, the note read “Nobody will steal this.” It’s a pencil sharpener.. And shark.. in one.

Context: My dad and I bond over our passion for politics. It was around Christmas time when I received this gem. I had just prior told him that my roommates and I had put up a tree.

Context: None available. Not even a note. Totally skimmed over the fact he sent me this when we had our weekly phone call. We’re not Libertarians or anything like that, so this is… entirely out of nowhere.

Some people want their parents to send them Starbucks gift cards or candy. I wouldn’t change a thing.