Vlogs You Can Learn From

When you think of YouTube, you probably picture funny cat videos, badly uploaded versions of your favorite TV shows, or the hottest music videos on Vevo. While these are fun to watch on study breaks, they aren’t the most stimulating videos to say the least. If you search a little harder on the site, though, there are some channels that are filled with videos aimed towards helping people learn. The range of videos that are made to give information is huge – there’s everything from learning about the industrial revolution, to learning how to write a resume. Here are a few different Vlog (video blog) channels that you should check out that are both entertaining and will teach you something you probably don’t already know:

Crash Course

Crash Course is a wonderfully entertaining channel that has lessons on everything from world history to economics to literature. I personally watch this to help understand and memorize history concepts. There’s nothing more entertaining then learning about a book you’re reading for your English core by John Green, the author of The Fault In Our Stars.

How To Adult

This is the perfect show for us Collegiettes™who are just starting to live on our own. This channel teaches everything from how to write a resume, to how to cook a spaghetti dinner. Next time you're wondering about how you'll get through college... and what you'll do after you graduate... turn on How to Adult, and you'll end up feeling much more confident!


This YouTube channel is a bit like Crash Course, since it aims to teach specific subjects. In this case, though, it’s dedicated to – you guessed it – science. Along with difficult subjects that I can honestly say I would have no clue about if it weren’t for SciShow, it gives interesting facts about the science in your everyday life, and answers weird questions you’ve always wondered about, like, “Why is the sky blue?”

Lizzie Bennet Diaries

If you’re a fan of Jane Austen’s novels, be sure to check out one of the YouTube adaptions, like the Lizzie Bennet Diaries! This is just one of the adaptions of the classic novels, so feel free to search for a twist on your favorite. Plus, if you need to read one of these books for class, it’ll go through the whole plot in a modern-day setting! Who could resist Darcy as a businessman? Not I.


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