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Very Sexy: How to Throw a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Party

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BC chapter.

It’s that time of year again: girls and guys alike gather around their TVs to gawk at the glitz, the glamour, and, of the course, the Angels.  You guessed it—the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is just around the corner.  The Show airs December 4th at 10 pm on CBS, so take a break from studying for finals to watch Miranda Kerr and Adriana Lima strut their stuff on the catwalk.  Here’s some tips on how to throw your very own pity party, I mean, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show party…

1.  Show off your runway-ready bod in some of your favorite Victoria’s Secret items, under a pair of comfy yoga pants and a PINK sweatshirt, of course.  If you have a pair of wings lying around from Halloween, throw those on too so you can be an Angel for the night.

2.  Ooh and ahh over the bodies you wish you had while indulging in some froyo.  Console yourself by reminding everyone that the girls on TV aren’t able to enjoy this delicious treat.  Your diet starts tomorrow!

3.  Finally, any party wouldn’t be complete without a light-hearted drinking game.  Break out your favorite bottle of Pinot and follow these rules:

–  Drink every time a model blows a kiss into the camera

–  Drink every time a model is actually wearing wings

–  Drink every time J-Biebs flirts with a model while performing (TEAM SELENA)

–  Have someone monitor Twitter and drink every time a girl tweets about how she wishes she looked like one of the Angels.

–  Finish your drink if a model stumbles on the runway


Be flirty, be fierce, and be fabulous—cheers ladies!


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