Valentine's Day Dates Inspired by The Bachelor

With Valentine’s Day approaching and this season of The Bachelor coming to an end, it is only natural that you find yourself hoping for a Valentine’s Day produced by ABC. Unfortunately, we can’t all compete on The Bachelor and experience these one of a kind dates. Instead, we have to work with what we have in Boston. Here are four Bachelor inspired date ideas for your Valentine’s Day:

  1. 1. Visit the Boston Harbor

    The Bachelor frequently ends the date by having the couple walk outside to watch fireworks and kiss goodnight. While there may not be fireworks going off in the distance, the view along the water is beautiful enough to remind you of these scenes from the show.

  2. 2. Go to a Concert

    woman at a concert putting hands in a heart shape

    Another favorite Bachelor date is the private concert. While you may not be able to organize a private concert on a college budget, a normal concert is just as fun. Spend this Valentine’s Day dancing to your favorite music with your favorite person.

  3. 3. Get Competitive


    Almost all group dates have a competitive edge to them, so why not get competitive in your own Valentine’s Day date? I’m not suggesting you plan a group date, but you and bae can get competitive with one another in some way whether it be trivia, sports, or board games!

  4. 4. Eat Dinner at the Top of the Hub

    The Lalawine With Friends

    If you are willing to spend a decent amount of money this Valentine’s Day, visit the Top of the Hub before it closes in April. The view from the restaurant will rival any view shown on The Bachelor, and you will actually be able to eat the food!

Happy Valentine's Day!