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Unexpected Items You Should Disinfect

Staying healthy during cold and flu season is a goal that everyone tries to keep. Unfortunately for most of us, we all end up getting sick at some point during the season. We share our germs constantly, and little things that we use every day get covered with disease. Here are a few items to clean with some disinfecting wipes (which you can easily pick up at the BC bookstore) to help prevent that dreaded “BC plague.”

1. Your keyboard. Think about all the things that your hands touch throughout the day. Sure, you wash your hands, but they are still bound to be a bit germy. If you then go to type on your computer, you are bound to transfer some germs onto there.

2. Your backpack handles.Like your keyboard, you touch your backpack a lot It probably sits on the floor or a table often, and you have no idea what else has touched those surfaces. Cleaning your handles on your backpack from time to time will help keep your hands and the floor of your dorm room a little cleaner.

3. Your BC ID. You’re not the only one who touches your BC ID on a daily basis. You never know whether or not someone you hand it to could be sick, or even have touched another infected ID card and then transferred those germs onto yours. 

Cleaning some of the things that you touch on a daily basis can not only help keep you healthier, but it can help prevent the spread of germs overall. 


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