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The Ultimate Finals Study Playlist

Finals week is upon us collegiettes, but don’t fret.  We’ve got a collection of study playlists to help you get through the caffeine filled, sleep deprived, and library dwelling days.   If you’re like me, you can’t listen to songs with words while you are studying because you end up singing along and/or wanting to dance.   As much comic relief as an impromptu musical in Bapst would cause, I have a feeling it wouldn’t be appreciated from the looks I get just by moving in those wooden chairs.   But no worries, all of these playlists have minimal lyrics, great instrumentals, songs from movie scores, and consequently make for a perfect study soundtracks.   As an added bonus, you can now spend more time studying and less time trying to make your own study playlist.   If you do still plan to make your own playlist, Explosions in the Sky, M83, and the Vitamin String Quartet are essential!  So grab your books, grab your highlighters, pump up the tunes, and happy studying!

1. My Ultimate Study Playlist 
(One of my personal favorites!!!)
“Over 8 hours of instrumental magic for your favorite nook in the library, couch with a book, or chair at your desk.”

2. The Science of Studying
(Also one of my favorites!)
“Fact 1: Without decent music there’s no way you’d get through your homework, essays and revision. Fact 2: Songs with lyrics distract the part of your brain, which you use to repeat things to yourself when you’re learning. The Solution: here’s 45 fantastic lyric less compositions, film soundtracks and piano covers to get you through it. Good luck!”

3. Background Sounds
“No words, just sounds. Grab your novel, get lost. Do that chemistry homework. Or worse, start writing that essay that’s due in the morning. Focus. You can do it.”

4. Study Mix 2
“Here we go again with finals… camping out in the library, living off of Red Bulls, no sleep and dreaming of the good ol’ days when we were free to go outside as we pleased haha.  I wish everyone all the best, and hope this mix helps you get into your ‘study zone.’  Almost 3 hours of music with minimal vocals, including artists like Boards of Canada, M83, and Radiohead.”

5. Hits on Piano
“Back with another piano cover mix! Piano interpretations of well-known hits for you to enjoy while you work or study or… whatever! Includes covers of Bon Iver, Lana Del Rey, Goo Goo Dolls.”

6. Study Playlist II
“It’s that time of year again, exams. They suck. Big time. Here are some tracks to get you through including music by City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, Claude Debussy, and Taking Back Sunday. Including classical and piano covers of songs.”

7. Studying in the Library Alone
“48 tracks including music by Hans Zimmer, Thomas Newman and Alan Silvestri. Some soundtracks, scores and video game music. Put on your earphones, don’t leave the library before 10:30 pm.”

8. Exams Are Life Ruiners, They Ruin People’s Lives
“Yep, it’s the worst time of the year again. ?Here’s a mix of 50 chill beats to get you through those long, awful days of studying. ?But we all know it will be worth it in the long run, so just enjoy the ride as much as possible and listen to some sweet tunes while you’re at it.”

9. Dubstep Power 
For those of you that can listen to words while studying, I have found there is a strange power in dubstep… see what you think: Chillstep and the Like
10. And for those of you that melodies may even be too much… checkout Rainy Mood.
You may even go crazy and try this with one of the playlists!  Also try Simply Noise, my roommate is a firm believer in the power of brown noise.

 *All quotes are descriptions of the playlists from their respective sites.

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Bridgid O'Brien is a senior at Boston College studying psychology. She has been a member of the Boston College Irish Dance Team for the past three years and has been Irish Dancing for fourteen years. She works as a fifth grade teacher's aide in one of the urban Boston middle schools and interned this summer at Massachusetts General Hospital working with children with autism and Asperger's disorder. Bridgid loves working with children and plans to continue onto graduate school for clinical psychology. Bridgid is excited for the year ahead and so excited for what the future holds!
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