The Types of Friends We Should Appreciate

I can definitely say that especially in college, friends are the people who love and support us the most. We all have different types of friends and so many different relationships with the people in our busy lives, but there are a few kinds of friends we have who can help us love ourselves a little more. A true sign of friendship is the ability to be there for someone else while helping them learn about themselves. These are the types of friends in my life who I’m especially thankful for:


  1. The one who is always present (and genuinely is always open to talk)- There is nothing worse than having a bad day or having some sort of drama or triggering event happen. On those days, I’m incredibly thankful to the friends who I can call, text, or talk to about the pettiest or most serious problems I encounter in life. These people always listen and are available for an “on-call” rant session at all times. They truly help us feel valued while teaching us that our issues/problems/feelings are always valid.


  1. The Realist- let’s be real: we don’t always make the smartest decisions in life because we are human. Sometimes we need that friend who can (lovingly) tell us not to do certain things. Even if it seems harsh in the moment, they have our best interests in mind and can definitely prevent future issues by being perceptive and giving firm advice. We all need someone to tell us to not do crazy things sometimes.

  1. The one who can make you laugh- It is definitely true when they say that laughter can cure most things. We all love our goofy friend to death. They brighten up every day and on rough days, they make them so much more bearable. Without them, our days would be so dull!



  1. The understanding one- We need that loyal friend who will love you no matter what and do everything to understand you (even when you’re wrong). They’re definitely saints and I don’t think I could handle any issue without consulting someone who I know will hear me out and do their best to understand the situation.
  1. The one who you’ve known forever- Watching your friend grow up and become their own person is one of the best things about long term friendships. They have seen you at your best and your worst, your awkward stages, middle school drama, that one time in high school (haha) and, everything in between. Because they’ve known you for so long, conversation flows so naturally and you know they’ll always be around and tolerate you.


Thank you to all the great friends in our lives!