Traveling Over the Summer

At a school like BC, it always seems like you’re in a rush to have everything in your life perfectly planned out. Whether this means getting a sought-after internship over the summer or saving the world through your service work, the summer is the time to make your mark.  But, that being said, sometimes it’s important to take a moment and just do something for you.

Growing up, my mom always told me stories about how much she loved studying abroad and getting the chance to travel. I always thought I would follow in her footsteps and spend a full year abroad and spend my summers backpacking through Europe.

All that considered, once I arrived at BC, I realized studying abroad all year would set me back in terms of work and internships. On top of that, I needed to dedicate my summers to building my résumé.

Even so, after spending this past year stressed out and doubting my abilities, I realize now that it is okay to take some “me” time for something other than my career. So I’m excited to head to Europe with my bestie from high school. It will be great quality time with someone I love and a chance of a lifetime - my résumé can wait.


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