Travel Guide: Fort Worth, TX

When people find out that I’m from Texas, a few questions always follow: do people actually wear cowboy hats everywhere? Sometimes. Have you ever ridden a horse? For sure. Have you ever been line dancing? Yes, and yes, it is very similar to the Hannah Montana Movie. In the minds of people not from the Lone Star State, Texas is basically the Old West- so, as a native Texan, I only have one question: why do tourists insist on visiting Dallas or Houston? If you want to get an authentic experience, Fort Worth is where you need to be! Often called “where the west begins”, this city was a central part of the cattle drives of the late 19th century, and the legacy of cowboys and old western charm continues to this day.


So if you choose to take my advice, here’s a few things not to miss to be sure you live like a local in the greatest city of The South:


The Stockyards

Original brick walkways, authentic saloons, dance halls, and some of the best tex-mex restaurants in the state, The Stockyards is the first stop to make if you’re looking for a true Texan experience. Make sure to catch the Fort Worth Herd, the twice-daily cattle drive that runs straight down main street!



Billy Bob’s Texas

The Stockyards is also the home of this “World’s Largest Honky Tonk” (I mean come on, can it get more Texan?). Part concert venue, part restaurant, and part dance hall, this is the place to kick off your heels and enjoy a night on the town: Texan style!



Sundance Square

Right in the middle of downtown Fort Worth sits Sundance Square, a beautiful center for shopping, dining, and entertainment. Stop by this plaza for nightly live performances and a great southern vibe!



Kimbell Art Museum

Home to Michelangelo's first painting, works by Monet, El Greco, and Cezanne, the Kimbell Art Museum is the heart of the museum district and just a short drive from downtown. After taking in the beautiful pieces held here and wonderful architecture of this museum, take a walk around the district and down to West 7th street, where you’ll find great lunch spots and shopping!



The Food, The Food, The Food!

Seriously the best part of Texas, and especially Fort Worth, is the food! From delicious Tex-Mex to brick-oven pizza, FW has every type of food you’ll ever need! Get a table outside to feel that southern breeze and enjoy a meal at any of these places:


Fireside Pies (but the locals still call it 13 Pies)

Located just off West 7th, this fire-brick-oven pizza place is the perfect casual dinner spot!

Joe T. Garcias

This fourth-generational restaurant is probably the most famous in Fort Worth, and for sure the most can’t miss spot in town! Get there early or make reservations because the line is sure to be out the door on weekends!


Blue Mesa Grill

If you’re looking for something for a little earlier in the day, Blue Mesa Grill serves up a delicious brunch buffet that is truly Texan: breakfast tacos, chicken and waffles, 5 different kinds of mimosas. . . what else could you want?


Steel City Pops

Based on the paletas of the Caribbean, you can get fresh-made popsicles here: dipped in chocolate, dusted in sea salt or espresso, dredged in pecans, drizzled in caramel, or any combination of these. Local tip: try the banana pop, dipped in dark chocolate, and dusted with sea salt for a real treat! Seriously though check out their website to see all the flavors available, it’s worth visiting Texas just to visit this place.



So there you have it, the best places in Fort Worth to visit! Next time you want to get a feel for that famous Texan vibe, stop by this small southern town and take it all in!