Trader Joe's Helping Me Adult

Off campus living has its ups and downs. It’s like finally I have my own room but I have to cook? Cooking is probably my least favorite thing of “adulting”. Going to the grocery store on a Sunday morning with all the other soccer moms is not ideal especially when you have to keep to a tight budget. Through living off campus for a WHOLE month, I have found some hacks to cooking such as utilizing the Trader Joe’s frozen section a lot!! Don’t turn away now, our weeks can get busy with homework, classes, and socializing. So, here are a few frozen Trader Joe meals to get you threw those long weeks: 

1. Cauliflower Stir Fry 

This is a filling meal that can be eaten either by itself or with some cooked shrimp mixed in. 

2. Chicken Tikka Marsala 

This meal is $3 with rice and chicken. Such a steal. No need to pay for an Uber eats delivery fee. This frozen meal tastes like a real Indian meal at an actual restaurant. Every time I am eating this, I am amazed by the spices and the flavor coming from a FROZEN MEAL. Just pop it in the microwave for 4 minutes. Quick and easy. 

3. California Black Bean Veggie Burgers 

Soooo yummy and for vegetarians too! Usually I throw this into a salad, but sometimes I switch it up and make a sandwich. 

4. Trader Joe’s Mac and Cheese 

Yummy cheesy goodness that almost feels homemade. Perfect substitution for the Rat’s mac and cheese because living off campus means no meal plan! 

5. Gluten Free Toaster Waffles 

Perfect for breakfast and for dinner! If you want to get fancy with it, throw a few chocolates chips on it. Also, gluten free for those with a gluten allergy. 

Don’t forget to get the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups at checkout! Those really help me log in those long hours at Bapst! Take my advice and get these frozen meals from Trader Joe’s! These meals are the only reason I am able to thrive this semester! #CertifiedAdult 

SOURCES: joes.jpg