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Topshop’s Latest Denim Trend

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BC chapter.

Mom Jeans have made a tremendous comeback since the ‘90s, and “ugly” denim is now in style. As brands are releasing their latest spring trends, we can’t help ourselves but look at some unique, but outrageous pieces such as the Topshop Clear Knee Mom Jeans.


There is so much to say about these jeans. These cropped, raw hem mom jeans are not just any pair of jeans, they have a clear panel on the knees. While exposed knees on denim are nothing new, these clear panels either scream trendy or a future fashion faux pas if the panels get steamy.


According to Topshop’s website, these jeans have received a five-star rating. Here are a some of the positive reviews.

I’ve always felt that if eyes are the window to the soul, why on earth should jeans not be windows to the knees? At last this musing has come to fruition. Absolutely recommended.

These jeans are incredible – no longer do I have to feel ‘knee shamed’ as a person who has had medical issues with my knees in the past, I can now be proud of who I am and how my knees look, and show the world what my knees mean to me.

Also, it’s incredible how these jeans are ‘100% cotton’ – including the clear panel which looks like plastic (but can’t be) and metal-looking zipper and button – cotton is such a versatile material.



While these jeans scream ready-to-wear for spring, I can’t imagine wearing them on a day where it is too hot as the plastic panels may ruin the chic look I would be going for. While I am on the search for more raw hem denim, I think that these pants would have all eyes turned to me as these jeans are so simple yet so different.


Apparently, these jeans instill knee-pride among women everywhere. I have been loving raw hem jeans for this spring and I may have to grab a pair of these soon-to-be chic jeans from Topshop. For $95, I think I found a trendy denim piece for Spring 2017!


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