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Tips for Running a Marathon


With the Boston Marathon just a few days away, why does it seem like everyone is running the marathon?  I almost feel as if I’m running it too.  Almost.  Whether you’re feeling inspired to see the other side of Marathon Monday or it’s something on your bucket list, in honor of one of BC students’ favorite days, here are five tips to running a marathon.


1. Anyone can run a marathon.

No, seriously.  My friend couldn’t even finish a lap around the Res, yet now she’s gearing up for Heartbreak Hill.  With the right training schedule based on your level of experience, before you know it those 3-milers will seem like a warm-up.


2. Socks are everything.

Make sure you get a good pair of socks or else blisters the size of Texas will be in your future.


3. Stay hydrated (aka don’t drink before a long run).

Those couple of drinks matter—especially when you’re half way through struggle city on a Sunday morning.  A word of advice: just don’t do it.  Your body will thank you later.


4. Make running buddies!

After an hour of running by yourself, it starts to get a little boring. Now imagine running a full 26.2 miles. Everyone could go for some support throughout the training program and a little entertainment on those long runs. So definitely make friends with other people running the marathon! Extra motivation never hurt anyone.



5. Pacing is huge

Don’t go into training thinking you can run at your normal speed.  Though it’s tempting to push yourself for the first few miles during the long runs, you run the risk of burning yourself out and even injuring yourself.  Take it easy and focus on yourself and your body.  In the end, finishing is all that matters.



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