Thoughts of A Girl Going Abroad

On January 19th, I’ll be leaving everything that I know and love for Sevilla, Spain. I won’t be back until the end of May. I remember thinking during my freshmen and sophomore years about how excited I was to go abroad, how incredible it would be, how many new friends I would make, the food I would eat, the cocktails I would drink. I am still excited about all of those things; however, as my time at BC passes and I get closer and closer to moving to Europe, I am starting to think about other things, like the odds of me getting a bad host family and not liking the food (food is very important). Here’s a list of the thoughts going through my mind as I prepare to enter a new chapter of my life! Aquí vamos!

How the heck am I going to pack my life into a single suitcase?

I’m definitely bringing more than one suitcase, who am I kidding?

They don’t have peanut butter in Spain… S.O.S.

They have lots of Nutella in Europe… I can get down with that.

I’m going to miss so much at BC!

I won’t miss much; I’ve done it all before and will do it again my senior year!

Crap. Once I get back I only have one year left until I’m a real person.

Crap crap. I only have six weeks until I’m finished at BC this year.

Will I like my host family?

Will my host mom be a good cook?

I hope I don’t need a parka abroad.

Will my parents visit me?

How much will I miss my parents and friends?

Will I love it as much as everyone else does?

Will I come back cool and Euro-chic?

Will Europeans hate me because I’m not Euro enough?


Which culture shock will be hardest: going there or coming back?

What do I do if I lose my passport… my mom will actually kill me.

How easy will my classes be?

How hard will my classes be?

Will I make friends?

Will this be like freshmen year all over again with Facebook groups and awkward icebreakers?

I can’t handle any more icebreakers.


How long will it take before I get robbed?

There. Is. No. Peanut. Butter. In. Spain.