Things You Want to Tell Your Far Away Best Friend (Told by Mean Girls Gifs)

We all have friends who are either far away in different schools, far away at home, or far away abroad ( or all of the above!). Honestly, having them be so far away makes us miss them and appreciate them that much more! here are a few things we wish we could tell your friends who aren't too close (but always close in heart!)

1. Wishing they could come over and hear you rant but they can't... (if they weren't far, they totally hello facetime/paragraph texts/voice recordings) 

2. Sending them random pictures of them from the last time you saw them (or really ugly snap chats you saved) just to embarrass them from afar...

3. Doing things/Eating things that they love and then snapping them to show them what they're missing out on. 

4. Remembering that top you borrowed and genuinely mean to give back but now it's too late and they're too far....

5. Texting them that they need to come back every day 

WE MISS YOU...PLEASE COME HOME LIKE NOW... I know you don't even go here but I stole your shirt from last summer and it's like totally fetch but I need my friend back!!!! 

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