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Housing around here just happened and its definitely so stressful… Here are some things that we hear about it every year! 

1. You end up liking where you end up! 

What matters is who lives in the room…. not the room/building itself (even though having a mod or 8 man is nice…). It really is what you make of it! 


2. Things fall into place

Sometimes they really don’t and it’s REALLY stressful and a super sore topic … but at the end of the day, you get a bed to sleep in with friends around you so it’s ok!!!


3. People’s true colors come out…

you’d be surprised at who is inclusive (or not), thoughtful, a true friend, or a good delegator throughout the process. 


4. It’s not that bad…

No it really isn’t that great but hey, everyone goes through it and no one is alone when it comes to a stressful group or bad pick time. 


5. There’s no way around it!

There is not secret spell or way to get around housing…which sucks but at least we all go through it! 


Just remember to pray to the housing gods next year before it rolls around!!!
















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