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Things to Look Forward to About Going Home

After being home for five days for Thanksgiving Break, I knew that I did not need a month at home for Christmas. Sure, it’s fun to be in a non-work related environment that is seemingly less stressful, but to me, school is much more fun than that. So, I decided to make myself a list of things that would make me more excited to be home for Christmas. Here are some things you can look forward to about being home:

1. Catching up on your Netflix viewing

One thing that I love about being home is I feel no shame about lying in my bed and watching Netflix. When I’m at school, every time I turn on Netflix, there’s a voice in the back of my head that’s telling me there is so much school work I should be doing. Not at home!

2. Celebrating Christmas

You can’t look past the fact that going home for break immediately turns into Christmas celebrations. Arriving at home to a house decorated for the holidays makes me infinitely happier. Christmas & New Year’s tides you over to the January boredom slump, which is when you decide that you’re finally ready to be back at BC.

3. Having ZERO work

Thank goodness we don’t go to a school that has trimesters. I love that there is not one single professor that can assign me work because classes haven’t started yet.

4. Being able to drive everywhere

The T is not my preferred mode of transportation. I love that I can walk downstairs right to the car and not have to deal with the T or walking around outside in the horrible wintery mix weather. What is a “wintery mix” anyways?

5. Not having to do BC laundry

Yet another luxury of home that you don’t realize is a luxury until you go to college. I love that my laundry is across the hall and I don’t have to make the trek through the Mods to Walsh to use their laundry room. Also, there isn’t someone waiting to take your things out of the washer.

6. Not having to eat in the dining hall or make food for yourself

This is probably the number one reason I look forward to going home. Every night at around 6:30pm., my mom has dinner on the table. I never have to think about going to eat grilled chicken (AGAIN) at Lower or trying to find something in my Mod kitchen (which is always empty). #thestruggleisreal.

Even though going home for breaks isn’t always as fun as we make it out to be in our heads, these are some things we can look forward to as the time nears to leave BC after finals and head home for Christmas.


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