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Things Every College Girl Should Give Up for Lent (or Probably Just in General)

It’s that time of year again. Lent: the time when you go through caffeine withdrawals or deprive yourself of chocolate. So, instead of the usual chocolate and coffee here are my suggestions of what every college girl should give up.

1.) The regrettable weekend hookup, if he isn’t going to say hi to the next day it probably just isn’t worth it.

2.) Pictures in front a tapestry with an inside joke Instagram caption. This also includes oversized American flags ladies, especially that artsy one from Urban Outfitters.

Be original take that picture sitting on the couch. Your likes to minute ratio will be off the hook.

3.) Shoes you can’t walk in the snow in and/or were not designed for winter. Stick with the Bean Boots; winter is not the time for high heels and booties

You will fall and you will bruise.

4.) Snapchat stories Friday through Saturday. The world can only deal with so many duck faces and blurry pouty lip photos. Snapstories solely consisting of delicious food is okay but only when used sparingly.

If it is over 100 seconds, something is wrong.

5.) Wearing clothes not suited to the season. Skirts without tights in the snow are a horrible idea—this is how the common cold happens, ladies!

You may get frostbite but at least you will look pretty. Icicles are always attractive right?

6.) Late night, because, as good as they are at 2 AM, mozzarella sticks taste like regret the next day at the Plex

Just say no to the mozz sticks (they are probably out of marinara anyway).

7.) Not keeping your BC ID in one place and one place only. Let’s be honest, you will just lose it.

Has anyone seen my BC ID? Anyone? I thought it was on my desk…

8.) Trying to bond with that group partner you talked to four months ago, and making plans to get lunch the next day or take a group vacation. You aren’t getting lunch; you’re just going to feel awkward.

Stay strong. Maybe there will be a group project next week.

9.) Pretending that you aren’t broke and that overdrawing your debit account is not a real thing. We are in college and we are broke. We can’t afford all the Starbucks in the world, even though we try.

So much coffee, Chipotle, and clothes. So little money in the bank.

10.) Stop trying on fifteen outfits before putting the original first outfit back on and having to sprint all the way to class because you are late. Just wear the first outfit, you know you want to.

So good luck during Lent ladies, and here’s hoping you make it all the way to Easter!

Sophmore in Lynch School of Education. Secondary Education and History Majors.
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