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Things College Girls Stress Out About Too Much


It’s no secret that we collegiettes have a lot on our plates.  From grades and majors to friend drama and weird boys, there always seems to be something to stress out about.  But could it be possible that we are freaking out over nothing?  Take a second to reevaluate some of the things in your life that are causing the most anxiety.

1. GPAs

Don’t get me wrong, grades are really important and we should definitely take our work in the classroom seriously.  That being said, if academics aren’t really your strong suit, don’t freak out!  There are plenty of other important factors that come into play in the real world.  Figure out what you’re passionate about and go from there.  Everyone knows personality can go a long way, so if you’re a people-person, show that in a job interview.  Make sure to make strong networking connections whenever you can, and try to have as many jobs or volunteer work on your resume as possible.  Grades might be high on your list of priorities, but that doesn’t mean you have to go insane over your less-than-4.0 GPA!

2. Body Image

Body image is an age-old battle that we are still dealing with.  You might feel like you’re the only girl who feels insecure, but everyone has something they want to change about themselves.  Things like this seem to become even more major in college, especially because weight tends to change more frequently.  Although the extra froyo breaks during midterms week may not have been the best choice, that doesn’t mean you should be too hard on yourself about it!  As long as you’re healthy, a couple extra pounds won’t do much damage.  Just try to make smart health choices and embrace your unique and wonderful beauty!

3. Dumb Boys

Pulling your hair out over that boy from Friday night who said he would text you, but didn’t?  Don’t!  I’m not trying to generalize here, but we all know boys don’t always make the best decisions.  If you find yourself stressing over some guy, just try to move on.  As soon as he starts causing more trouble than happiness, he stops being worth it.  You were too good for him, anyways!

4. Not Having a Set Group of Friends

You may not have the same exact group of friends who you do absolutely everything with, and there’s nothing wrong with that!  Having a varied group shows that you’re well rounded and interested in more than just one or two things.  Hanging out with people who aren’t exactly like you and your other friends is also great because it keeps things interesting!

5. Future Plans

No major?  No career plans?  No problem… kind of.  You should definitely be making some sort of effort to figure out the future, but don’t go insane if everything isn’t falling perfectly into place.  If you’re really lost, talk to someone in a department that interests you and see if they have any suggestions.  Go to different career fairs and workshops on campus.  Once you get out there and start checking out different options, things will seem a lot clearer.

So there we have it.  You all officially have my written permission to stop losing sleep over these things.  Excuse me for being cliché, but it’s all going to work out in the end!

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