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Thank You Letter for “Same Love”

Dear Macklemore and Ryan Lewis,

I am a current Boston College student and am more than excited for you guys to come up and perform at Modstock this year (props to UGBC for snatching you)!  At least once… okay ,maybe twice… a weekend night, my friends and I find ourselves getting ready with your songs like “Thrift Shop,” “Irish Celebration,” or “Can’t Hold Us” blaring from our speakers.  Of course I love these songs, but what song I really appreciate from you guys is “Same Love.”  Collaborating with Mary Lambert, you three created a song that I just can’t stop playing!  “Same Love” is so much more than a song; it is a statement!  I see that you believe in equality, love, and honesty. I give you such props for not being afraid to speak up against and negate the stereotypes against homosexuals.

I looked up your lyrics and read them in silence one day and found myself getting choked up.  I realize that stereotypes restrain our society.  That even though I believe in God, that God does not deem my friends who are gay as lesser.  They are NOT synonymous.  Stereotypes in any form are pathetic.  I question how many people buy into them so easily.  What do stereotypes even provide for people?  They aren’t fair, they aren’t correct; they are just safeguards for people to separate “others” from “them.”

From the beginning to the end, I see how much this song can apply to so many people who have fears about “Am I gay?”  It is ridiculous that people see that they are hated or need to be altered because they love someone of the same sex.  As you put it so simply and beautifully, “I can’t change, even if I try, even if I wanted to…”  And you know what, I don’t think it is the homosexuals that have to change, but those that are “pressing pause” and have “veils over their eyes” and aren’t ready to “press play” and “march on.”

No matter who people love, they should be able to express that love.  No matter how people feel, they shouldn’t think that they are “wrong.”  Government has no right to tell you “your two uncles can’t be united.” Although government can make the laws, you are exactly right when you say no law can change us; only we can change us.  I get frustrated when people put all the blame on others about no change yet remain voiceless themselves.  Therefore, I don’t want to remain voiceless anymore!

I believe love comes from the heart.  That love can and should be expressed in any way to anyone when your hearts connect.  That being “gay” does not mean you are “lesser.” That you can play Little League, color, and be organized no matter if you like girls or boys in the third grade.

This letter is a thank you.  Thank you for opening up my eyes even more.  Thank you for not being afraid of any negative actions that could form in the “hip hop world.”  Thank you for bringing up the tough questions through a great song. And thank you, in advance, for coming to BC!  I can guarantee it will be my best Modstock at BC!  You have songs, you have statements, and you have a sh*t load of talent!


            An Eagle who believes in Equal Love



Check out the lyrics yourself: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics…

Check out the moving music video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlVBg7_08n0








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