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Take Advantage of Going to School in Boston


One of the key pitches you’ll hear on a Boston College campus tour is the cliche, “We get the best of both worlds, we’re in the suburbs, but the city is right there!  It’s great to go into Boston!”  The sad reality of this statement is that it really is true.  Boston is so close and yet we never have to deal with the stuffy, loud, traffic of a city because we are really in the suburbs.  


Here are 5 things to do in Boston that are worth getting off campus for:


  1. House of Blues

House of Blues as well as countless other music venues in Boston host a variety of music artists and genres on a nightly basis.  Whether you’re into EDM, pop punk, classic rock, folk, or pop, there is always a new artist to check out.  Check out venues like Great Scott, Paradise Rock Club, The Middle East, and so many more to be guaranteed a great show.  

  1. Red Sox

Yes, it’s slightly cliche, but Fenway Park is a serious landmark you should check out at least once while going to school in Boston.  If you’re not a huge baseball fanatic, look into the plethora of wonderful other sports watching opportunities Boston has to offer.  Hockey fans can check out a Bruins game at TD Garden.  Football fans can attempt to make it out to Gillette, or at least watch the Pats with the proper crowd.  Other events like the Head of the Charles and the Beanpot are also a must to check off your bucket list before your 4 years are up.  

  1. Check out the Art

Boston currently has a thriving theater community, from improv to stand up to musicals.  There is always a performance happening somewhere in Boston.  Improv Asylum is one of my favorites, featuring improv comedians simultaneously drinking, performing, and causing a roar of laughter.  Other events include the Independent Film Festival of Boston which occurs every April-May.  IFFBoston also hosts plenty of indie film screenings throughout the year that are completely worth checking out!  Boston is also filled with a wide array of museums and art exhibits to see.  Bonus, most allow free admission with a student ID!

  1. Walk the Freedom Trail

It sounds boring at first.  History you’ve heard about since preschool, I know, but if you actually take the time to walk the entire trail, you can have tons of fun along the way.  Bring a group of friends and make an entire day out of it.  There’s plenty of shops and awesome food options along the way, and hey, you can actually tell your parents you did something slightly educational.  Learn some weird facts, buy some cute clothes, eat some nice food, and get cute Instagrams!

  1. Snag Something for Your Inner Foodie

There is no doubt that Boston is a youthful city.  With roughly 152,000 college students, it is bound to have those hip, foodie restaurants we all seem to adore.  Sweet Chick near Fenway, Lulu’s in Allston, Tiger Mama, and so many more offer a variety of cuisine ranging from brunch to late night snacks.  Boston has plenty of options from trendy American, Asian, BBQ, Irish, Italian, and so much more.  It seems to have a never ending list of options to try.  We all know that dining hall food is gonna get boring at some point or another, you may as well take the time while you’re in Boston to explore all the different options.

Enjoy all that Boston has to offer while you can here at BC!








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