Surviving 8-Man Monday, As Told by Michael Scott

I had been warned about the stress of the BC housing process, but I still had hope that once Monday hit we were going to be the lucky group to get an 8-man. We knew our odds were low, but some people had to get them, right? Why not us? Unfortunately, we couldn’t have been more wrong. Michael Scott from The Office is able to portray our emotions from that dreaded 8-man Monday perfectly.

As soon as 8 AM rolls around when we finally start the process

Doing the math to find out our odds until 12 PM rolls around

When 12 PM hits and we wait for a text from our leader

When the leader forwards the email letting us know we didn't get a pick time

When people in our group wanted to discuss further plans

Calling my parents to tell them the bad news, but they don’t understand what the problem is

Walking through Mac and seeing people jumping and screaming for joy because they got a pick time

Getting serious and trying to strategize our next move when really we only need to split in half

Getting over the sadness and moving onto the anger towards ResLife

Actually realizing we didn’t get an 8-man and trying to stay optimistic because 4-mans are the next day

Hopefully, those of you who were the people I described in Mac are thinking about your actions. Everyone else, may the cruel odds be ever in your favor.