Stages of a Group Project as Told by Dr. Gregory House

If there is one thing that every college student hates it is definitely the dreaded group project. They are stressful, time consuming, and nothing ever truly gets done until the last minute. Like college students, Dr. Greg House understands the struggle of working with other people.

The annoyance you feel when it first gets assigned.

Then you ignore it, pretending it will go away as long as you don’t think about it.

Someone finally gets their act together and attempts to find a time to meet.

The group settles on an inconvenient time, and there is always that one person that cancels at the last minute, and the other person who strolls in half an hour late.

It is clear within a minute that no one has actually done anything to prepare, so nothing actually gets done at the meeting.

All of a sudden the project is due in two days.

The group message is on fire with everyone scrambling trying to get the project done.

With the project due in 2 hours, you sit at a last minute meeting trying to put five distinct projects together.

While group projects truly are the bane of everyone's existence, nothing compares to the relief you feel when it’s over.