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Spring Break Survival Kit

Finally the time has come where we can soak up the sun and have some fun. Its spring break! All of us have been working extremely hard this semester and cannot wait for a week off. Her Campus Nationals was extremely kind and sent us a Spring Break Survival Kit to ensure we would have the best spring break yet. The kit contained goodies from SABRE, Completely Bare, Not Your Mother’s Haircare, Simon & Schuster, Chipotle, The Intern’s Handbook by Shane Kuhn, and Luna. All of these goodies are essential for spring break and here is why:


The SABRE product we received was a personal alarm. This is a must have item for spring break; especially if you’re vacationing somewhere you have never been before. #SafeIsSmart

Facebook: facebook.com/sabreredpepperspray

Twitter: @SabreRed

IG: @Sabresafety 



Completely Bare

Everyone wants to have smooth hairless skin on spring break. These Completely Bare hair removal strips are the perfect product to have to ensure your skin is looking flawless.

Facebook: facebook.com/CompletelyBareProducts

Twitter: @CBareProducts

IG: @completelybareproducts



Not Your Mother’s Haircare

While you’re enjoying the sun or swimming in a pool, it is hard to remember to protect your hair. Luckily, we received Not Your Mother’s Purifying Shampoo and Conditioner to keep our hair strong, healthy, and shiny!

Facebook: facebook.com/nymbrands

Twitter: @nymbrands

IG: @nymbrands

Pinterest: @nymbrands


Simon & Schuster

#DirtyRush is novel full of drama and fun that will be sure to keep our minds off school. Who doesn’t love a scandalous read?

Facebook: facebook.com/Gallerybooks

Twitter: @Gallerybooks

IG: @Gallerybooks




We received Buy-One-Get-One-Free cards from Chipotle that we cannot wait to use. Who wouldn’t want to eat out and share a meal with a friend over the break?

Facebook: facebook.com/chipotle

Twitter: @ChipotleTweets

IG: @chipotlemexicangrill


The Intern’s Handbook by Shane Kuhn

Spring break is also a great time to get ahead and start thinking about the future. With The Intern’s Handbook we will be able to learn how to land our ideal internship and become the perfect intern. 

Facebook: The Intern’s Handbook

Twitter: @ShaneSKuhn

#internshandbook  #internship



If we need a quick pick-me-up, we have a delicious LUNA bar to eat. They are the perfect power snack to revive your energy whether you had a long day or an intense workout. 

Facebook: facebook.com/luna

Twitter: @Lunabar

IG: @Lunabar


All of these goodies we received are phenomenal products to have not only for spring break, but for everyday life. What is not love about them? They are a must have!


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