Spring Break Smooth With Products I Love!

With spring break quickly approaching, many girls around campus are getting their bodies and suitcases in shape for the vacation ahead. It may be a intimidating trying to pack for warm weather when the polar vortex has kept many of us from exposing too much skin over the past two months. Whether you want to admit it or not, some of us have may have even gotten lazy with our shaving regiment with the mentality that if you're studying in sweatpants for midterms then who cares?! Well now is time for a reality check because spring break is just around the corner and the beaches are calling our names.

As I pack my cosmetics, I know that a razor is a must-have to keep my "soon-to-be TAN" legs silky smooth. I often find myself in a prickly situation (all puns intended) since I care about the quality of my razors yet find it ridiculous how expensive the really good ones can be. Luckily before spring break I found a quick and easy solution: 800razors.com. This site allows women to  make either a one time purchase, or opt for a 4-month subscription service (similar to the ever-popular Birchbox). And talk about affordable: 12 cartridges for $19.95. Checking my latest CVS receipts, that's about half of what I'd pay for the Venus cartridges! Oh and did I mention there are razors for guys too, just in case your not digging the winter scruf on your boyfriend. 

I was lucky enought to try out 800razors.com product and could not be more in love! It has been perfect this past semester for a night out and recently the 100 Days Dance when my legs were shown off in my dress. My roommates are envious of the hot pink razor sitting in our shower because my legs come out cut free and smooth! The moisturizing lubricating  razor head makes those last-minute touchups pain free and burn-free. Want to talk about really last minute, you can even have a box shipped to your hotel room so you don't have to worry about traveling with your razor if you fear it won't make the packing list in time. 


So show off those legs proudly that you have been working out at the Plex this past week by investing in this great product. Along with my swimsuit, shorts, sandals and sundresses, my 800razors.com razor and heads are packed away for trip to warmer climates. 


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