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Spring into Boston


Spring has finally hit the Boston College campus, and people have started to don sundresses and brightly colored J-crew shorts.  Studying inside is no longer an option, and all around campus, people can be seen lounging on any available space of grass.  With the nice weather, it seems cruel that the most stressful period of the semester is about to come up on us, and studying seems to be the absolute last thing we all want to do.


Study for my Theology exam in my dorm on Co-Ro? No thanks!  Lie out on a blanket in the Commons watching the swan boats, while occasionally glancing at my reading?  Yes, please! 


If you are like me and have four study days in between finals, you might find yourself with a little extra time to explore Boston one last time before you leave for the summer.  This city that has been your home for the past year has a lot to offer come spring.



Pack your backpack with your books to study, a blanket, and a sandwich from Lower if you are looking to save money (or pack some cash and hit up a local café).  Go to Boston Common, spread out your blanket, and begin studying in an environment that makes you feel better about the fact that this is now your 6th hour looking over the same material.  Once you feel like you deserve a break, you are right next to Newbury Street.  Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?



Embrace your inner child, and ride the Carousel that opens in the spring right where ice-skating took place on the Boston Common Frog Pond in the winter.  No skill necessary for this activity, and you will instantly be transported back to when you were five.  So, grab yourself vanilla-chocolate twist at a local ice cream shop, and hop on the Carousel for a ride that will be sure to leave you laughing and reminiscing.



In case you haven’t already noticed, Boston is a big sports city.  Shocking isn’t it?  Embrace a huge part of the place that you have called home for the past year, and check out a Red Sox game.  They may not be the team you typically root for, but I am sure your home team won’t mind you cheering for the Red Sox for one night with your friends.  Tickets can be as cheap as $30.  So, grab some friends, and check out a game before you leave for summer.  It is the perfect way to spend a night after a long day of studying!



Springtime means April showers, which bring May flowers!  And what do May flowers bring?  They bring flea markets and craft fairs to the city of Boston.  In the spring, Faneuil Hall is surrounded by stands offering everything from beautiful flowers and vegetables to handmade crafts and jewelry.  Grab a friend, and head over to Faneuil Hall to check them out.  While you are there, you can also check out the North End, and grab some delicious goodies from Mike’s or Modern’s.



So, hop on the D line, and explore the city that you will continue to call home for the rest of your time here at BC and maybe even longer.  Who knows what adventures you’ll have?



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