The Spirit of Christmas in Gifs

The Christmas spirit is all around this time of year, and it’s lovely and magical. But sometimes you need a good laugh at the holidays to deal with some of the holiday stress that accompanies this magical time of year. So here are some funny gifs to brighten up your day!


1. Elf

Who doesn’t love Buddy the Elf? He’s universally beloved (if a bit obnoxious at times)!

2. Leslie Knope

Amy Poehler’s Leslie Knope is adorably enthusiastic about pretty much everything, including Christmas!

3. Kevin McCallister

How can you not love Kevin from Home Alone?! He’s so cute and his Christmas hijinks is hilarious. 

4. The Grinch

Everyone’s favorite Christmas miser makes the most of the holiday season and you should too (although maybe don’t steal any presents)! 

5. The Office

The Office is like everyone’s family at Christmas: a little bit uncomfortable and annoying but at the end of the day, you love each other. 

6. Mean Girls

The iconic Winter talent show scene- Santa would never be caught wearing those mini skirts with his Christmas cap. 

7. The Santa Clause

Bringing together the two elements of Christmas: Santa and family! 


Hopefully, these gifs made you smile and helped you remember what Christmas is all about!