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A Sophomore’s Guide to Brighton: Living Off Campus

The day you get into college has to be one of the best days of your life.  I know for me, the day I got into BC was both an incredible honor and an amazing relief.  The second you read “Boston College Welcomes You!”  It’s almost as if you do not have to go any further.  How great is that? Once you read the fine print though, you realize an acceptance to Boston College has some downsides, if you can believe it.

For example, you may have only been given three years of housing.  At the time, if you even noticed it was part of the letter, this seemed like a minor detail.  But as a sophomore, three years of housing hits hard.  All of a sudden, half your friends are thinking about going abroad, a few of them don’t have to worry about it, but still a group of you have to brave the streets of Brighton for a semester or a year.  Before you know it, the guys down the hall have a realtor and the girls you blocked with already have a house, and panic sets in.  But rest easy, sophomore class (and freshmen, too, if you’re getting a head start) – here’s a guide to some of the hot spots to check out.

295 Foster: The new big thing to hit Brighton.  You’ve inevitably heard about the sound-proof basement, the steam shower, the individual bedrooms, and the pre-installed, techno pounding, neon-lighted basement.  If it hasn’t already gone to the highest bidding customer, jump on it fast.  You will be the most popular off-campus student on the Heights.

62 Kirkwood: This house is huge and some of my best memories from junior year were made in it’s basement.  You can do a lot with it (and fit a lot of people in it) and there’s tons of parking, too, if that’s a concern.  Highlight: front porch. Perfect for people watching and late night Roggies ordering.

66 Kirkwood: Another great basement.  The best part about these two houses, though, is how close they are together.   If you’re friends with the guys or girls next door, you’re in for some fun.

5, 9 Radnor

20 South

12 Braemore: This is a party house.  Plan accordingly.  Use your basement wisely and enjoy being away from the hustle and bustle of the Foster/Kirkwood/Gerald triangle.

249 Foster: If you’re a guy, don’t read this, because the landlord will never rent to another boy for as long as he owns the house.  It’s recently been redone since 249 ’12 had their way with it, but a year’s worth of girls will maintain the quality.  The location is perfect, and the house has two sides – perfect for a large group of ladies that wants to stick together or branch out t a new group.

28 Gerald: This house has another good people watching porch and another ready-to-be-destroyed basement.  I would encourage girls to pass this one by, but you didn’t hear it from me.

12 Lake: Underrated.  It’s proximity to both campus and Crazy Doughs are not the only things that the house has going for it, but they are definitely highlights.  Great for guys or girls, and can be split into two groups by floor.

40 and 46 Kirkwood: These are girl houses in the middle of street, in between Foster and the good party houses on Kirkwood and South.  In a row of thorns, these houses are the roses.

Pink House on Foster: Choose this house, even if only for the absolutely gorgeous porch and it’s proximity to Kirkwood, Greycliff, and 295 Foster.

2000 Comm Ave: There’s a pool.  Need I say more?

16 Gerald

264 Foster: I’m saving the best for last.  I might be biased, but I believe this is the perfect house.  Apartment 1 (floors 1 and 2) is usually rented to boys.  It has six bedrooms that can comfortably fit eight to nine people.  There’s no basement, but plenty of space for fun, and if you can get a big enough group together, you can fill up the whole house.  Apartment 2 (floors 3 and 4) is better for girls. It also has 6 bedrooms, most of which can be made into doubles.   It’s a cozy, homey house that can get cluttered if you let it.  Make a chore chart and stick to it (ahem) and be careful of the turkeys.

And the list goes on.  Each person’s experiences and opinions of these houses will differ, but when all is said and done, as a wise person once told me, “It’s the people, not the place”.  If you live with the right people, and with the right number of people, you will have fun no matter where you are.  Also, you will inevitably be within a block radius of everyone you know anyway.

Pick a house that fits you.  Ask around.  Don’t let the landlords and realtors get you down.   Use them to your advantage, but don’t let them talk you into a house or a price that doesn’t feel right.   Living off-campus will be the best and worst experience you have at BC.  Things will break, you will long for your community bathroom on upper that was cleaned twice a day, but you will also have the time of your life.

You will also never appreciate BC facilities people or your ability and right to file a work order more than when you first return to campus.  However, all of these things make the experience that much sweeter. Good luck, and may the off campus Gods be ever in your favor.

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