The Sophomore Struggle

Being 19 comes with a lot of mixed emotions, most revolving around what the heck you are actually supposed to achieve your sophomore year. I haven’t declared a major, yet I’m supposed to be looking for a summer internship? I’m still a teenager, yet I need to make decisions about my career? I’m not legally able to drink, let alone make any substantial life choices. Regardless of all of this, it still seems that everyone around me has it all figured out with summer jobs, career connections, and top notch networking experience. So if you’re like me and are relying on the motto “fake it till you make it”, here are some crucial things I feel I’m lacking compared to my overachieving peers:

1. How to “adult”: As perfectly summed up by one of my friends at a recent accounting networking event, when asked the question “Is anyone excited about being here?”, their response was “I just want to go back to my room and play Mario Kart.” Well said.

2. Owning a suit: With friends running off to interviews and snapchatting their latest professional shopping trips, I have come to realize that a polo and khakis aren’t going to cut it anymore.

3. An impressive resume: Apparently high school clubs become irrelevant as you are forced to realize that overall, you’re not nearly as interesting as you had thought.

4. Having legitimate connections on Linked In: Sometimes I’m too lazy to scroll through my Facebook news feed, let alone try to make my name known to potential employers.

5. Knowing what type of career you want: How am I supposed to base life decisions off of the ONE basic intro class I’ve taken!?

6. Networking: Perfectly summed up into awkward hellos, sweaty handshakes, and forced smiles.

7. Having interviewing down to a science: I still say “You too!” when a waiter tells me to enjoy my food… so maintaining a non-awkward conversation is still in the works

So while being a sophomore involves a lot of uncertainties and anxiety, it will all come together junior year…right?


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