Small College Victories

With midterms in full effect, it can be hard to look at any positives while exams seem to be taking over your life. Here are a couple small victories we all have to help get through midterm stress:

1.  Making it up the Million Dollar Stairs. Panting and all.

2.  Waking up in time for your 8:00 am. Bonus points if actually wear an outfit that matches.

3.  Making it to the plex when its freezing. Being a resident of co ro, your self-motivation is really tested once the temperature starts to drop.

4.  Not shrinking all your clothes in the wash. Who cares if your once white t shirt is now pink, at least it fits!

5.  Finding a seat in Devlin 008 when you’re running late. Having three hundred pairs of eyes staring at you is a great way to start off class.

6.  Learning all the words to "For Boston." Just mouthing the words will only get you so far.

7.  Getting waved at by an upper classman. Extra points if your friends are with you to witness.

8.  Getting tickets to concerts and other special events on campus. Even though I wake up at 8 am to get a ticket, Plexapalooza still seems like a distant hope.

9.  Beating the rush to Eagles Nest. Obnoxiously power walking is worth it for popcorn chicken.

10.  Running the res without stopping to “take in the scenery.” Taking a snap story is great excuse to catch your breath.

So take a step back to appreciate these small wins, and power through those midterms!

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