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Simple Ways to Stay Fit & Healthy at BC

Before you fall into any nasty habits, I wanted to give you some easy ways to stay fit and healthy while attending Boston College.


There is one thing that the BC campus definitely has and that’s stairs upon stairs upon stairs. Although you might think of them as a burden, try to think of it as an extra workout that is going to give you Gisele Bundchen legs. Next time you’re headed for the garage elevator or waiting in line in the morning to try to catch the next Maloney elevator, just say, “no.” Take the stairs.

The Reservoir

We are blessed to have such a beautiful reservoir right next to campus, so why not use it? Whether you walk or run it, you will still get a fabulous workout while taking in the exquisite scenery. If you have to call a family member or friend from back home and you know it’s going to be a long phone call, go to the res. Talk and walk. If it’s the weekend morning or afternoon and you and your roommates are feeling a little hung over, stop moping around and walk it out at the res. In a month or two, its going to be freezing outside and you are going to wish you had utilized the res more often.

Late Night

Late night… Just say, “NO.” As tempting as all that naughty food seems when you’re drunk, you will most likely regret in the morning. Think about all the hard workouts and clean eating you’ve completed all week and just tell yourself to walk away. A good tip is to keep some healthy snacks in your dorm room to go back to on your drunken nights.

Drink Water

I know everyone constantly says to drink water, but it is essential, so I am reminding you again. Water is the cure for basically everything. It clears your skin, it gives you energy, it prevents headaches, it keeps you from getting sick, etc. Plus, it also, speeds up your metabolism and makes you feel full. Instead of going for a morning coffee, try drinking two glasses of water once you wake up, it will boost your blood pressure. Check out this article about dehydration to learn more about the benefits of drinking water.


Even though getting enough sleep is easier said than done in college, it is something that is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. Try to plan out your schedule for the week and get your work done ahead of time, so you can get 8 hours of sleep. Sleep is just like water. It does amazing this for your body. Lack of sleep causes weight gain because if you’re exhausted, you’re more likely to eat more to make up for your lack of energy and less likely to workout regularly.

I hope these simple suggestions help motivate you to pursue a healthier and more active lifestyle!


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