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Showdown: An Unforgettable Night

The buildup was extraordinary. The campus buzzed with excitement as the day of ALC Showdown finally arrived. As a mere freshman, I had no idea what to expect. Upperclassmen were telling me that Showdown was the best event on campus, and I could not wait to see for myself.  

The night of the show my friends and I got in line early and rushed into Conte when the doors finally opened. We found our seats center stage, and waited in the hot sticky crowd for over an hour.  

I knew that the night would be unforgettable when Full Swing opened the show with an absolute fire “Incredibles” themed dance.  The night only progressed from there. All of the dance groups– whether they were competing, performing in showcase, or competing in the cultural category– absolutely slayed. Each dance demonstrated the creativity and skill that the dancers at Boston College maintain.   

The dances were unbelievable, but half of the experience was being apart of such a lively crowd. Filling out an entire half of Conte, students of BC danced, laughed, and cheered alongside the dancers. The energy was electric; I honestly had goosebumps for the entire show.  

As a former dancer, attending Showdown made me miss performing because I realized that dance truly brings people together. ALC Showdown was so special because it brought the BC community together for a fun night of performance, all while raising money for a variety of causes.  

I congratulate all the winners of Showdown for their amazing performances. I also want to thank all of the groups who participated, and acknowledge that without them the show would not have been as fabulous as it was. Boston College has so many talented students, and Showdown brought the dancers together for one unforgettable night.






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