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She Didn’t Accept the Rose, but She Still Won

In case you haven’t been avidly watching The Bachelor like some of us, let me fill you in because you kind of missed out. This season, viewers were graced with the most reviled Bachelor in history. Chris Harrison, host of all things Bachelor, is famous for dubbing each season finale to be the “most surprising”; and this time around, he didn’t let us down. Surprisingly, we also saw a Bachelor who easily tore girls’ dreams of a modern-day Prince Charming to shreds.

In fact, Juan Pablo was literally, as Laura Stampler from Time magazine put it, a combination of every awful boyfriend you ever dated. He grew to be insensitive, unresponsive, convoluted, and flat out mean towards the end of the show. Frankly, it turns out that behavior is how he truly is because at the live After the Final Rose Ceremony, which aired Monday night, he claimed to have no regrets and did not utter a single apology. Not even an apology for telling the second-to-last contestant, Clare, “I love f—ing you, but I don’t know you.” (Cue mom’s “nobody buys the cow if they get the milk for free” saying).

Who would ever dream of wanting to date (let alone marry) a man like him? Well, Nikki Ferrell, this season’s winner, does not seem to mind him. This was another show shocker given he has yet to propose or at least say, “I love you”. In fact, in asking Nikki to accept his final rose, he said, “I’m not 100% sure I want to propose to you. But at the same time, I’m 100% sure that I don’t want to let you go. I like you. A lot.” I don’t know about you, but if I were expecting a marriage proposal and got an “I like you a lot,” I think I would’ve hightailed it out of there in my new dress that Cary Fetman picked for me and grab a piña colada to go.  

Either way, there was a girl who decided to catch on to the malice of the Latin-lover. Meet our new Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman, who didn’t accept Juan Pablo’s rose, but still turned out to be the winner. We can give Nikki a round of applause for making it to the end, but it is far more impressive that Andi had the guts to leave on her own account when she knew JP wasn’t her guy. And frankly, that decision makes Andi the real winner… and plus, she’s the one who gets to be Bachelorette now (Score!).

All the power to this Georgia-native Assistant District Attorney who will be showing her soft side as she embarks (again) on her journey for love. Given that Juan Pablo told her that she barely made it into the top three, she will have a blast getting to flaunt her ombré all the way to the final rose—that she will be handing out. Nobody is exuding as much girl power as she is right now. And to think… she didn’t even win. Psh!


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