Sending Simple Thanks

I’m sure many girls will agree with me when I say that one of the things I miss most when I’m at college is my mom.  Obviously, I miss the little things—the home-cooked meals, the shopping expeditions, or just the brilliant advice—but for me, the biggest thing I miss is actually something I’d never really paid much attention to. Surprise, surprise, something I took for granted.

Coming home from school after a long day, it wasn’t rare that I would find a bouquet of daisies, our favorite flower, sitting on the kitchen windowsill. I never had to ask who they were from, since I knew exactly what my mom would say, “Don’t wait for someone else to buy you flowers, buy them for yourself.”  That's what I miss most while being away at school: the simple flowers.

But of course, like much of the great advice you’re given, you ignore it. I came to school and completely forgot about the pure happiness I received from a simple bouquet of, "the friendliest flower," as Meg Ryan describes them in You’ve Got Mail (which you've got to watch!!).

I was only reminded of it when I came across a quote from the famous footballer, Brian Clough. He said, “Don’t send me flowers when I’m dead…If you like me, send me them while I’m alive.”  And it got me thinking…

What good are the flowers we send in honor of people we've lost?  They’ll never see those flowers. Don’t follow my example and take the people around you for granted. Although we can still honor the deceased with flowers, we should remember to send flowers to the living who are making the difference in our lives today. Send your parents a few flowers, just because. Or how about just because they raised you, or are paying your BC tuition.  It’s a little way to say, “Hey…I’m thinking about you." Or send them to a roommate who you are so grateful for having to deal with your little quirks.

You don’t realize it, but that small gesture goes a long way. I truly believe they’ll reach your loved one at just the right time and the effect will be remarkable. Try it this on Valentine’s Day, just because. 


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