Secret Santa Gift Ideas

One of my favorite holiday traditions with my friends is doing a Secret Santa! It is so much fun trying to pick out a fun gift for that person and then having everyone guess who it’s from. My friends and I will all get together for brunch and exchange gifts, but a night in with a Christmas movie playing is just as great of a setting. Not everyone likes gift exchanges because it can be difficult to think of a gift to get someone. Here are a few ideas for people struggling with last minute gifts.


Francesca’s or Anthropologie

Francesca’s is my go to if I need a gift for someone or I am looking to pick something up for myself. They have beautiful statement jewelry, fashionable clothes for every style, and amazing home/dorm items to decorate with. There is one even one across from the Mall at Chestnut Hill! Anthropologie is also a great place to shop for gifts for friends. While their clothing isn’t really my style, I can’t help but buy some of their lifestyle products when I go. They also have a location just across from the mall.

Bath & Body Works

I will never outgrow my obsession with Bath & Body Works. The seasonally scented hand soaps and lotions make perfect gifts for people that live in apartments, and one of their dozens of scented candles are great for anyone living off campus.

Monogrammed Gifts

If you really end up planning ahead, you can get your bestie a personalized gift. Nearly everything today can be monogrammed and not only is it practical it looks so cute too! Some ideas include a necklace, water bottle, baseball hat, phone case, or towels. Marley Lilly is my favorite place to get all of my monogrammed items.


But what happens if your friends decide to do a Secret Santa and the last minute, or you were too distracted by exams to remember a gift. Most people can relate to needing a gift tomorrow and have no idea what to at the last minute. Here are a few ideas that any BC student can grab in a pinch.


Anything from CVS

Whether you live in main or Newton every student is within walking distance of a CVS. Use this to your advantage because it is pretty much a one stop shop for everything you could need for a Secret Santa. Assorted beauty products, Christmas gift sets, beautifully wrapped boxes of candy, or a few Christmas ornaments make fantastic gifts that anyone would be happy to receive. CVS also has wonderful gift bags, wrapping paper, and bows so you can’t go wrong shopping here.

Coffee Mugs

Prepping for the holidays always falls at the same time as every college campus’ finals week. While Christmas movies on ABC family are a fun study break, being sleep deprived doesn’t tend to put people in the Christmas spirit. Treat your gift recipient to a fun new coffee mug! Before you leave your next study session at Starbucks, pick up a seasonal mug and maybe a gift card, and your stressed out friend is sure to forever grateful.


Gift cards

Sometimes just the thought of buying and wrapping a gift is too overwhelming, or you don’t really know the person too well. In that case, a gift card is definitely your best bet. There are so many places around campus you could get gift cards from either Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, White Mountain, and El Pelon all have a special place in the heart of every BC student. If you want to get a little fancier, go to CVS and pick up a gift card to a retail store such as Sephora or Macy’s.

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