Saying Goodbye to Walsh

It was just over a year ago when I learned I would be living in what is arguably BC’s worst dorm: Walsh Hall. Yes, I was super excited to be on lower in an 8-man, but I was terrified about what living in the sophomore party dorm would entail. As my time on the eighth floor of Walsh comes to an end, I’m actually upset to be saying goodbye. For all of you lucky freshmen that will be calling Walsh home next year, here are some of the things you have to look forward to:

It is not pretty

I’m going to be completely honest here; Walsh is far from aesthetically pleasing. If you haven’t been inside yet, prepare yourself. The cold hallways of Walsh almost make you want to hop on the bus and head right back to Newton.

Temperamental Heating and Water

I’m convinced that the temperature in Walsh is not regulated. There’s no air conditioning so you will be hot on move in day, and nine times out of ten will be forced to wear layers inside during the winter. Hot water is also a little iffy prior to 8am.

Missing ceiling tiles

My floor has mostly been spared from those thinking they are living in a game of Mario Kart, but I know others haven’t been so lucky.

Never a boring weekend

Walsh doesn’t have the reputation as the sophomore party dorm for nothing. Multi colored disco lights can be seen from dozens of windows every Thursday through Saturday nights. Whether you go out or find the swarms of uncontrollable students amusing, I can guarantee that you will always be entertained during your time in Walsh.

Security Guards

Anyone who lives in Walsh knows the wonderful security guards who are tasked with keeping the building under control. The rumors that Walsh is a police state are completely untrue. While the guards are there for a reason, they are extremely friendly and I don’t think a weekend has gone by without having a conversation with the wonderful Gio.

The Community

Every person on this campus will tell you that their building has the best sense of community, and as a former Newonite, I have definitely had this argument plenty of times. Walsh has something very unique to offer the students that reside there. I may not know the names of everyone on my floor, but there is a certain bond that all of Walsh seems to share.

So get excited about moving into Walsh next fall! I have loved my time here and as soon as you get past your bitterness for not getting Vandy, you will as well.