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Real Talk: I’m a Senior in Edmonds

It’s senior year.  Finally.  After junior year of off campus living or being abroad, we’re all reunited on campus for one final hoorah.  And of course the first question you ask a fellow senior friend when you run into them is about where they’re living.  Did they have an incredible summer internship?  You don’t care. Have you not seen them in a year because they were abroad?  Irrelevant.  For some unknown reason, our conversation starter centers on housing.

Me: “Hey, so where are you living this year?”
Generic Senior Acquaintance: “Rubi, you?”
Me: “Edmonds.”
Generic Senior Acquaintance: “Oh. I’m sorry…”

This is not a one-time occurrence.  Rather, for a reason beyond my understanding, it seems to be the necessary response, the only response.  People hear Edmonds and they feel like an apology is appropriate.  Taking an 8am lecture, mentioning a death in conversation, having Duket for freshmen year honors seminar, and apparently living in Edmonds senior year.

We’re programmed to meet all of these things with an apology.

But I’ll let you in on a little secret.  I may not like 8 am lectures and I will forever be grateful I had Botwinik freshman year for honors, but living in Edmonds?  I don’t need your apologies.

I love Edmonds. I really do (I know I’m prone to satire in my articles, but this is 100% the truth. Sarcasm aside.)

So you can take all those apologies you have for me, and you can try to squeeze them into your tiny, shared closet you have in your Mod bedroom.  Except you probably can’t because I guarantee there’s no room for your condolences.  Too many pairs of shoes and J Crew sweaters.

Meanwhile, I’ll step into my large storage room and try to figure out what I could possibly fill it with.  Winter jackets?  Nope, those are in my front coat closet.  Shoes?  Nope those are in my own bedroom closet.

Edmonds, in my not so humble opinion, is ideal for senior year.  Besides ample closet space, which I may have ever so slightly alluded to, it is ideally located.  Close to the Res, the Mods, CampCo (CityCo, whatever), the Plex.  What more could a girl ask for?

I get to enjoy all the perks of the Mods with none of the responsibility.  Some of my close friends have Mods so I can still take advantage of this nice weather at one of their picnic tables.  I can go to parties in the Mods, but I don’t have to provide the alcohol for them, clean up after them, or wonder whether it’s safe to lay on the couch after the weekend (have you noticed that questionable looking stain on the third cushion? Or that curious discoloration on the carpet?)

Not only do I have superb internet connection (sorry I’m not sorry Mod residents), I also have laundry facilities in my building.

Am I a bitter senior who has to hate on the Mods out of principle?  Not at all.  We didn’t even go for one.

Would I have preferred a 4-man in Voute or Gabelli?  Obviously.

But all things considered, I love Edmonds living.  So all those apologies you have for me?  Save them.  I’m sure there’s a freshman or two in honors that I just scared the bejeezus out of, and they probably need all the “I’m sorry’s” they can get.

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