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Ready Your Instagram: The Best Coffee Shops That Aren’t Hillside

We, the people of Boston College, love a good cup of coffee. Nothing hits the spot quite like the perfect Skinny Sugar-Free-Vanilla Latte, a Skinny Mocha Latte, or a Skim Macchiato. And don’t get me started on the Iced Dirty-Chai, light on the ice. Hillside is everyone’s favorite coffee spot on campus (sorry, Chocolate Bar—since your move, you’ve disappointed us). But sometimes, Hillside can get way too busy and a little overwhelming. Waiting in a cluster with 15 other students who are all desperate for their caffeine fix isn’t anyone’s favorite thing to do. And getting your coffee stolen? Talk about a bummer.

We all crave an excuse to go off-campus when we have time. What’s better than escaping BC for a little while and immersing yourself in the real world? And let’s be honest, BC girls (and guys) love to Instagram and geotag their coffee. 11+ likes on your swirled steamed milk for the win.

Here are some off-campus coffee spots that you should definitely hit up this year, whether you’re bored with your usual study spot, sick of your roommates, or just ready for a change.


Fuel America

Located in Brighton just off of South Street, Fuel is one of the best spots to go for good coffee, delicious food, and a cool atmosphere. It’s within walking distance of BC and is ideal for a Sunday afternoon study sesh. They also serve wheat toast with ricotta, honey, mint and toasted sesame seeds. If that’s not enough to get you to go, then I don’t know what is.


Thinking Cup

With locations in Boston on both Tremont and Hanover Street, Thinking Cup is a T-ride away from BC, but well worth the trip. Their coffee is supplied by Stumptown Coffee Roasters, which originated in Portland. So automatically this means that it’s super hipster and awesome. Their menu offers a wide variety of coffee drinks, gourmet sandwiches, and pastries. With its close proximity to the Public Garden, it would be the perfect place to go for coffee followed by a leisurely stroll. Can anyone say date?



Located on Washington Street, Cafénation is the perfect place to head on what will be a productive Sunday. They serve omelets and breakfast sandwiches in the morming, salads and sandwiches of all sorts for lunch, and they have sweets like crêpes and apple crisp. They also have coffee, obviously. Hop on the green line and you’ll be transported to Cafénation in no time.


Blue State Coffee

Though it’s located on enemy soil (BU), Blue State is worth the crossing of the BU-BC line. They serve wonderful coffee along with salads, sandwiches, and snacks. The company is committed to environmental sustainability and donates 2% of its profits to local non-profit organizations. Wear your BC sweatshirt while you’re there to remind the BU students of what they’re missing out on.


Wired Puppy

Though there are no puppies here, the Wired Puppy is ideal for a pre, post, or mid-shopping trip coffee break. Located on Newbury, it offers coffee and yummy snacks (their mini-scones are to die for). The back room is great for working quietly on an essay; that is, if you can snag a seat.



With locations on Newbury and on Comm. Ave by BU, Pavement is an option if you want to get away from campus or if you only want to stray a bit. They offer coffee, a huge variety of teas as well as breakfast and lunch fare. The ride on the often-frustrating B-line will be worth it.


Refuge Cafe

Head to Allston to visit Refuge, which is super hipster. Throw on your grungiest outfit and order their walnut cinnamon roll or almond croissant and be transported to pastry heaven. In addition to coffee, they have beer. Cheers.

Gabby is a senior at Boston College studying Marketing. She is a writer and a publicity team member for HerCampus BC. On campus, she is a Lead Heath Coach through the Office of Health promotion. She is also the Health and Wellness Coordinator for the Women In Business group. Her interests include nutrition, fitness, peanut butter, and Justin Timberlake. She studied in Sevilla, Spain for the 2014 Spring semester and is excited to return to her beloved Boston to finish off her Bean Town checklist before graduation!
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