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The Raw Truth About Transferring Schools


I’m not sure when the idea of transferring colleges first came to mind, but I knew something just didn’t feel right.  I previously attended a school that was close to the place where I grew up, so it seemed repetitive in the worst possible way: I felt like I had already experienced everything that was happening around me.  I knew a change was in order, but where would I start?

Applying as a transfer student may even be scarier than applying as a freshman.  Why?  Not only are you daring to imagine a life other than the one you’ve known, you’re being asked to pinpoint exactly why you want to transfer.  It’s not like the typical “why do you choose our school” question we all expect.  Here you really need to delve deep within yourself and understand the reason why your current school may not be the right fit.  And though this may seem obvious, honesty is the only way you’ll be able to get through answering this question.  You have to face the truth about yourself and the life you’ve led thus far, and why you’d like to change that.

So now let’s say you’re one of the lucky few that got accepted to your choice institution (BOSTON COLLEGE YAY!); what’s next?  Well, prepare yourself for some of the hardest explaining you’ll ever have to do.  I chose to keep my decision to transfer to myself until I was absolutely sure that this was what I wanted to do; I didn’t want anyone’s opinions influencing mine.  My friends and family could not be any more supportive though, and with every encouraging word, I felt more and more ready to brave my way onto my next chapter.

The next essential part of transferring is adjusting to your new school and environment.  It’s important that you accept ahead of time that you’re not going to immediately be the most popular person on campus.  You’ll have a few meals alone, get lost on the way to class, and may even be left out of a few jokes.  But you seriously should not let this discourage you.  Making new friends can be an amazing experience, and it can be as simple as opening yourself up to new things.  Join clubs, talk to your classmates, and go out.  Don’t be shy!  People are incredibly welcoming when you give them a chance.

Although I haven’t been here that long, I’ve never felt more at home in my entire life.  I love all my classes, adore the city of Boston, and have met some of the coolest people around.  Most importantly, though, I’ve discovered so much about myself that I probably would not have learned had I not taken a leap of faith and transferred.  So if you feel unhappy with your initial college choice, trust your heart and make a change… I promise you won’t regret it.  Good luck!

Niloufar is a senior at Boston College, majoring in French and English.