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The Quest for the Ultimate Internship: Amelia for Under Armour

For the past month, I have been maniacally blogging up a storm, hoping to set myself apart from the competition for the Under Armour Ultimate Intern Team Search.  No more resumes!  No more cover letters!  No more interviews!  Instead, applicants were required to keep a Tumblr to testify their skills and talents, along with a 140 character tweet to concisely convince Under Armour why they WILL be the next Ultimate Intern. Competitors can scout the competition by checking out the content reblogged by the official Under Armour Tumblr.  As I read the description of the writing position, I recognized my competitive nature boiling to the surface.  After creating my tumblr, http://ameliaforunderarmour.tumblr.com/, and tweaking my 140-character twitter cover letter, I got to work!  As an athlete and avid fan, I’ve always enjoyed commentating on any sporting competition, and this internship provides the perfect avenue for my aspirations, “but how do I get noticed among the thousands of applicants?” I crafted a plan.  I wanted to demonstrate the versatility of my writing. Initially, I began with taglines, charged with powerful imagery and puns.  The post below was the first of mine, and the first of any writing candidate to be reblogged by Under Armour. 


After demonstrating my prowess with punchy prose, I wanted to allow Under Armour and my other followers insight into all things about me.  This I accomplished with a brief narrative about my natural tendency to become engrossed in every sporting event, especially hockey.

Being able to blog in a more basic and brief way is also an essential skill demanded of any wise writer.  I used the excitement of the Beanpot to showcase my skill at simply relaying the scenes of the Battle between the Boston College Eagles and the Boston University Terriers: 

EAGLES WIN!  With 6.4 seconds remaining in overtime Bill Arnold buries it to bring the 3rd straight Beanpot home to the Heights!  Way to go boys!!! – Amelia for Under Armour: Ultimate Intern, Writer

After illustrating my brevity as a blogger, I wanted to illustrate the intensity I possess that is required to win any competition.  Instead of writing why I should win, and why I thought I was worthy of being the Ultimate Intern Writer, I wove my ambition, passion, and persistence into my posts:

The tension between us is palpable.  Our eyes meet, denying each other the comfort of averting our glares. My rival’s eyes bore into me, as if sizing up the strength of my soul.  Staring ahead, I fixate on my goal, my intent, my destiny.  I will not resign to defeat.  I inhale, exhale, repeat.  The tingling in my fingers, sweeps up my forearms.  I am somehow not alarmed by the fury growing within me.  I am ready.  Constricting, my muscles brace for combat.  My surroundings fade from focus, and I prepare for the adversity I will face. This is where legends are made, where the path to greatness is paved: a bloodbath, where the trophy is survival. I WILL defeat my rival. – Amelia for Under Armour: Ultimate Intern, Writer
As the competition comes to a close, I have learned how invigorated I am by blogging, writing, and creating, and it is something I will certainly continue after the competition. On Feb. 27th the 10 Semi-Finalists in each category will be summoned for a Final Challenge, after which several Skype interviews will determine the Ultimate Intern Team, a team I hope I WILL be a part of, as the Ultimate Intern Writer.
Looking for opportunities like this?  Check out your favorite company’s Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and LinkedIn – that’s how I found out about this opportunity with Under Armour!  Social Media is becoming a powerhouse in the process of recruiting.  Who says the only way to represent yourself is through your resume? Use every resource you have.  Jack Wills is another company using their social media savvy as they are advertising their  “Best Summer Job in America,” which boasts perks like $20,000 in college tuition and a paid six-week internship as a Jack Wills “Seasonnaire,” living and working on the island of Nantucket from July 1st through August 13th.  (“Seasonnaires” are ambassadors for the brand who live the Jack Wills’ lifestyle.) Click here to find out more! So the next time you feel guilty about your Facebook prompted procrastination, remember the link to the Ultimate Internship might just be a click away!
To follow Amelia’s progress, check out her tumblr.  To scout the competition for the Under Armour Ultimate Intern Team, check out underarmour.tumblr.com.
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