Pros & Cons of Coming Back for Marathon Monday

It is undebatable that Marathon Monday is one of the greatest days of the year on BC’s campus. It’s the only day where the entire school is awake before 7am and every student from freshman to senior is lining Comm. Ave ready to cheer on the incredible runners. It typically comes at the end of a perfect April weekend and leaves people pumped and excited for the spring. However, this year Marathon Monday falls the day after Easter and many BC students are torn between coming back and staying home for an extra day. If you find yourself in this position, here are some pros and cons of coming back to campus a day early.


The Boston Marathon is an infamous event and BC students are incredibly lucky to have our campus located right at mile 21.

We see all of the runners as they are gearing up to finish the marathon, and they are incredibly inspiring.

It is one of the last times all of your friends will be together for the year, so you wouldn’t want to miss out



We get relatively few days off as it is, and this year we get one less.

Everyone is going to be coming back into Boston on the same day, so traffic will be a nightmare.

You have to travel back at some point on Easter day and that will cut time with your family.

Whatever way you decide to go, enjoy your Monday free from classes!