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Pros and Cons of Two Piece Outfits

If you pay attention to magazines (and let’s be honest who doesn’t?), then you’ve noticed the dominance of two-piece outfits, nicknamed “Twosies,” on celebrities from Taylor Swift to Olivia Palermo. (A Twosies is when a there’s a crop top and skirt/bottom that is in the same pattern.)



The outfit trend is beloved by many, and the popular fashion store ASOS even has a whole category dedicated just to Twosies. With so much love surrounding the style, I think it’s time to consider the real pros and cons of the outfit.




1)    Style icons are wearing them.

2)    Just like when wearing a dress, it’s a whole outfit put together. No trying to find that perfect top to go with your favorite new bottoms. It’s easy breezy lemon squeezey.



3)    You feel instantly chic.

4)    You can reuse the pieces outside of the twosie combo. This is me wearing bottoms from a twosie set, but matched with a different top. (Yes, I am in a dorm room. #classy.)



1)    Everyone is wearing them, so it’s not as unique as it once was.

2)    Most of the twosies come with a skirt for the bottom, which can be unfortunate if there is wind.

3)    The word twosies is hard to pronounce.


In the end, I think twosies are a fabulous fashion choice, and I’ll continue to rock the trend until I’m sixty and have blue hair.


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