Pros and Cons of Group Texts

With smartphones come so many amazing apps and features that make our lives so much more convenient. There are so many great ways to communicate and connect with each other that you would think there could be no downsides. Let’s think about group texting. This is just one of the many ways we connect with each other, all the time! I love it... most of the time.

When I am part of the conversation and it pertains to me, group messaging is fantastic.

I love that I can ask one question in one place and know that I will get an answer. 

I love being able to complain in one place and I will get immediate satisfaction with 20 responses as to why my feelings are completely valid. Crazy girl moments times 100 with instant internet and picture validation.  

I love have emoji battles that are as big as World War III. 

But sadly that is a lot of “cons.”

I hate that when you look away for a second it takes over your life. I pay attention in class for 20 minutes and have 70 unread message when I look back at my phone. Talk about needing a Sparknotes version of everything. 

I hate when there is a conversation that only pertains to two people, but is in the group text. 

I hate when you are totally lost and no one will explain what is happening

I hate the drunk group messaging. People, get yourselves together. Just because it’s in a group message doesn’t make drunk texting okay. 

So people, let’s keep the group texting classy and fun. Also, please no fights or one-on-one conversations in the group message. Take those to a private one-on-one text! 

Keep those messages coming my group members!


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