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Procrastination As Told By the Kardashians

It’s that time of year again—FINALS! I dread this part of the semester for a reason…at this point so many of us are just ready to call it quits. Especially with the nice spring weather, it is so easy to procrastinate and keep ourselves busy with all of the fun end of the year parties, events, and activities. 

Here are some signs you’ve given into your procrastination according to the Kardashian sisters (is it bad that starting over with season 1 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians is how I’ve been procrastinating this week?)

You have to vent about everything to all of your friends before you can start any of your homework.  

Why study when you can Snapchat all of your friends and complain about studying?

…Or go through every picture you’re tagged in on Facebook?

You need a new profile picture…like yesterday. 


You start focusing on drama with your friends just to distract you from all of the work that’s piling up. 



…And you conclude that you really need a mental health day (obvi can’t do any work) 


You cold call your mom just to tell her how busy and stressed you are. 



…And then you get mad at her and anyone else who doesn’t sympathize with you. 


Happy Procrastinating, Collegiettes! 


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