Primark Part 1: The Wishlist

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

If you're anything like me, you’re super pumped for this Wednesday’s HerCampus X Primark event! In preparation, I’ve decided to put together my own Primark Dorm Decor Wishlist to showcase some of their awesome products and hopefully inspire your own wishlists as well!

Black and White Accessories

Black and white is a wonderful combination because it’s timeless and classy. It dresses up softer tones, makes bright colors pop, and obviously matches anything else in your room that’s already black and/or white. For my own room, I’ve picked out the following:

Black Supersoft Throw – $4

This chic throw in solid black is perfect to break up any busier patterns you have going on in your room. Not to mention the fact that it will soon be your go-to blanket anytime you want to wrap yourself up in fluffy, fuzzy comfort.

Home Slogan Cushion – $7

Nothing says “home” quite like… something that actually says home on it. This cute pillow is again, simple enough to break up any busier patterns, but it also serves as a small reminder that this is YOUR space, so make it your home.

Cream Heart Cushion - $3

Speaking of home, it’s where the heart is, right? So why not alternate those boring square-shaped pillows with this sweet heart-shaped one by tossing this one into the mix?

Black White Elephant Cushions – $5

I love these cushions! The elephant is a simple and adorable design that flawlessly complements the monotone theme. Furthermore, the busy and varied black and white patterns give texture and personality to your room!

Wall Art – $5-10

Continue the black and white (and elephant) theme throughout by decorating the walls with gorgeous and inspirational pieces of wall art.

Gold/Copper Accents

Small touches can have a huge impact on the entire room. That’s why I’ve chosen some gorgeous accessories in rose and gold to add some beauty and class to the whole space.

Elephant stack – $5

What better way to introduce the metallic accents into your room than through the same theme of elephants back from our black and white wall art collection and cushions? This piece effortlessly pairs that continuity with the new introduction of gold and other metallics.

Jewelry Holder – $7

Combine beauty with functionality with this simply stunning jewelry holder in gold. Not only an easy decor item to add, but also a super easy way to hang up your earrings at the end of the night or keep all your necklaces from getting tangled.

Trinket Tray – $5

For other items that aren’t as easily hung, this nifty trinket tray is a stylish way to do the trick. Also great for other slightly bulkier items you may want to display, this cute tray can do it all!


Standing light – $8

This stunning lamp perfectly matches the simple geometric design incorporated in some of the previous accent pieces and is an absolute must have for anyone in the market for a cute desk lamp.

Jar light – $6

I cannot get over how gorgeous this jar light is. Simple and elegant, it’s the perfect combination of beauty and functionality, and is definitely something I’m hoping to display by my bedside as a cute nightlight.

Light Bulb Strings – $6

What dorm room is complete without string lights? These beautiful round bulbs will light up a room with their beauty and soft, warm tones.

A Touch of Nature

Add a bit of “natural” greenery to your room (without any of the actual responsibility of caring for a real plant) by placing a few fake plants around. I picked out some of the following that I think match my room’s theme pretty well and give it a more zen and nature-y vibe.

Copper Faux Plant – $3

A perfect companion to its copper counterparts, this faux plant is a wonderful addition to balance out your room with a little extra greenery, while continuing with the theme of copper accents.

Dark Green Gold Faux Plant – $5

If you’re looking for something with a bit more of a shiny metallic look, either one of (or both) of these faux plants is a great way to add some small bling to the corners of your room to class up the place!

Faux Terrarium – $4

This piece is an incredibly cute and aesthetic piece to display somewhere you maybe need to a channel a little more zen, like on your study desk, right next to (or on top of) that stack of books you should be reading for your next English discussion instead of surfing the internet...

So check out Primark and see which of these items you want to add to your dorm!