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Prepping Your Internship Wardrobe

I should start off by saying, if you have an internship for this summer, congratulations because it is a long and difficult process to overcome.  If you don’t, that’s fine too, there is still time for you to figure your summer out.  Everything from finding internships to actually going to your internship can seem daunting.  One thing in particular that worries me is what I am going to wear for it.  Not everyone has business attire especially if it’s a first time internship.  No worries though, with a couple simple pieces, you can have an internship ready wardrobe in no time. 

We’ve got to cover the basics first.  The basics include a pencil skirt, dress pants, a blazer, and a button down shirt.  If you’re anything like me, the thought of these clothing items sound frumpy, boring, uncomfortable, and quite miserable.  However, we can make them work just fine with some things to consider: fit and color or pattern.  Fit is key, it separates those who can dress themselves from those who can’t.  I am pretty guilty of convincing myself I am one size that I am not.  Get the size that actually fits you and not the size we all claim to be.  Also consider patterns and colors; maybe get a colored blazer as opposed to a black one, that way you can wear it over neutral colored dresses.  By the way, dresses.  Dresses are so simple, no matching is involved; you slip on the dress and you’re out the door (pretty easy for an early morning). 

Now I know that most internships require a professional wardrobe, but in my mind, you have to stay true to yourself and your own style.  Now you know your organization better than I do, but make the outfit your own, don’t just wear what every other woman in the office is wearing.  You can look just as professional while also looking like yourself.  Try adding a statement necklace, or a pair of wedges instead of plain black flats.  Dressing more like yourself will make you feel more confident and help your success in the workplace. 

As I mentioned, just be mindful of the organization you are in and the position you hold, but feel good about what you’re wearing.  If they say you should wear jeans, then go for it, but add a little something extra.  Check that everything you wear, whether it be dress pants, or jeans, is figure flattering and appropriate.  Just make sure to dress for your definition success!


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