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Playlist of the Week: Kickin’ It

There’s no doubt that brand loyalty in the form of footwear exists at BC.  If one was to even doubt it, they would only have to look down at their peers to discover the thousands of dollars the Boston College students (and their parents) must be handing over to the Hunter and Sperry companies. As fall always ushers in the changing of the leaves, so too does it usher in the transition from Rainbows to Uggs. 
However, brand loyalty exists in music as well- with the most emphasis on sneaker loyalty.  In music, your sneakers define who you are and, often, the famous fans of a certain kind will throw a shout out– or even a whole song– to their choice in footwear.  The guys from Run DMC had their Adidas shoes, Nelly had his Air Force 1’s, and The Pack had their Vans– and those are just a few rappers.  While I may personally like my Dunks and my Converse, I don’t discriminate when it comes to songs about sneakers.  Just please don’t make any shout outs to your Uggs.


“My Adidas” – Run DMC
“Pumped Up Kicks” – Foster the People
“Hi-Heel Sneakers” – Elvis
“Nike Airs Crisp Tees” – Rick Ross
“Sneakers” – Raekwon
“Four Kicks” – Kings of Leon
“Air Force Ones” – Nelly
“Brand New Kicks” – Chingy
“Lust for Kicks”- The Cars
“Vans” – The Pack
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