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Perfect Pinterest-Inspired Mother’s Day Gifts

A mother is such an important figure in a girl’s life and there is probably no gift that can truly thank her enough for how much she has loved us.  This is not an excuse for getting her no gift or a belated card for Mother’s Day though.  There are plenty of “DIY” (do-it-yourself) gifts for your mom that are perfect on a college budget and really say “I love you!”  Mother is a universal term, but with each mom being unique, there is a gift that will match what she loves!


If your Mom loves WINE:

Try these DIY glitter wine glasses.  Whenever she pours herself a glass of her favorite Pinot, you know she will be thinking of your thoughtfulness!

Or even these DIY wine cork coasters.  No mother likes cleaning up wine glass rims on the table, so these coasters are perfect!  If coasters aren’t the fitting gift, this site has nine other DIY ideas for how to rework old wine corks.


If your Mom loves to COOK:

Add a splash of color and a personal touch to her cutting board with this Pinterest find.  It walks you through how to properly stencil for a cutting board.

Forks, knifes and spoons aren’t just utensils, but decorations too as you can see with this fun deco wall art.  If your mom loves to cook, the kitchen is her haven, so you know she will love anything that makes it even more special!


If your Mom loves to BE PAMPERED:

This pin has several spa-inspired gift ideas for a mother who probably deserves some pampering (after all, she did raise YOU).


If your Mom loves MEMORIES:

A homemade photo album, a photo board with a memorable mother-daughter quote, or even this creative photo holder with pictures of your family will surely make your mom proud!


If you don’t think any of these ideas fit, you can simply type in “DIY Mother’s Day Gifts” on Pinterest and you are sure to find many other options.  There is no excuse why you can’t get a little creative and truly make your mom feel special this Mother’s Day.


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