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People You’ll Meet While Studying in a Coffee Shop

With finals right around the corner, we all have two obvious things on our minds: studying and caffeine. So, studying in a coffee shop might just be your best bet. Be warned: you certainly won’t be the only one with that idea. Check out the list to find out which of these characters you might bump into!

The Stressed Out College Student

Ah, it’s like looking in a mirror, isn’t it? Don’t even try talking to the stressed out college student when she’s in the zone. She has two midterms tomorrow, a term paper due at midnight, and three chapters of her thesis to edit. If her eye starts twitching, you know she’s been adding double espresso shots to her black iced coffee.

The Hipster

You can find this dude sipping on his Nepalese tea while working on his band’s latest mix tape. If you try to talk to him, he’ll probably roll his eyes and then write an angry poem about you.


The Business Man

At first, you might be pleasantly surprised when this well-dressed stranger greets you with a “hello” and asks how your morning is going. However, if you respond, be prepared for dagger eyes and a sharp point to his Bluetooth. This businessman doesn’t have time for any of this, so be prepared for some line-cutting and aggressive orders for the barista.


The Writer

This 45-year-old may not have any published books yet, but you just wait. The one he’s working on now, while using the coffee shop’s free WiFi, is guaranteed to be a bestseller. Don’t be alarmed if he seems to be staring at you for a long time, you’re probably just the inspiration for his next character!

The Teenage Girls

This gaggle of girls can be heard from a mile away as they laugh at their inside jokes and slurp their pumpkin spice lattes. These girls may have matching UGG boots and trendy hairstyles, but nothing says “unique” like their array of Instagram filters they use to document their coffee shop adventures.


The Intern

Eight coffees with skim milk and sugar, seven with cream and two Equal and five black ice coffees, hold the ice. Or was it five non-fat lattes and six coffees with whole milk? The intern can be spotted a mile away based on her confusion and proximity to a mental breakdown. You’re not sure what’s sadder: trying to watch her open the door with fifty coffees in her hands, or the fact that she is definitely not getting paid for this.

The Barista

While you’re already there, why not get a chance to know your baristas? Better yet, find out what really drives them crazy, because you really don’t want to be on their bad side. Below are some major pet peeves from baristas at Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, and our very own Chocolate Bar! Be nice to your baristas… they’re just trying to get through their workdays like everyone else!

1.     Sending your drink back multiple times

2.     Being rude or overly demanding

3.     Trying to cut other customers in line

4.     Taking phone calls while in line and then not being able to order

5.     Not saying “please” or “thank you”

6.     Talking so loudly that you disturb other customers

7.     Listening to your music on full blast so that everyone can hear it

8.     Questioning their drink making style or comparing them to other baristas

9.     Blaming the barista if you don’t like something very standard in your drink, such as the peppermint in a Peppermint Mocha Latte

10.   Not realizing that they’re people, too



You’re bound to meet quite a few interesting people if you decide to bunker down and study in a coffee shop, so at least now you’ll be prepared. Good luck, Collegiettes!



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